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Travel Map

Stalkers need not apply

I thought it would be fun to include a map so that you can track my whereabouts. You can click on a marker for more info and to read the blog entry associated with the position. Have fun!

Using this Map

If you’re familiar with Google Maps, then this little cartograph should look familiar. You can zoom in and out, move the map around by clicking and dragging on it, and check out the satellite view.

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“Geotagging” is a fancy word for plotting one’s position on a map. With every blog entry, I play cartographer and set my coordinates. My blog entry gets tagged to my position on the map so that site visitors can track my whereabouts and read what I wrote at that location.

Map Problems

The map application is powered by Google and may chew up some bandwith (i.e. it will load very slow on a dialup connection). You shouldn’t have any problems with a standard high-speed connection, but if you spot something weird drop me a line.