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Last Updated October 13, 2009

What follows is a curated list of links to things, organizations, and people that I find interesting, original, and compelling. I update this list as time and energy allow. I consider these links to be more “long term”, i.e. sites that repay or demand return viewings; long term projects; organizations of interest; artist friends and colleagues, etc. If I find something that seems interesting in a quick, spur of the moment kind of way, it’ll likely show up in a blog entry, the most recent of which can be found on the front page. Have an interesting project that ties into some work I’m doing? Would you like a link to your site? Contact me to discuss.

Children of the north

  • Kids of the Dene Nation
    A photographic tribute
  • So far from home
    Canada’s residential schools have been closed for decades, but we are only beginning to understand what happened to the First Nations children who endured them. Here’s the best site I’ve found that opens the door.

Northern Canadian Links

To explore the north today:

To explore the north of the past in online photo essays:

Climate change in the Canadian north

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Links & Linkage

Links are the lifeblood of the internet. Without hyperlinks, there is no internet and we’d be back to tin cans and string (OK, not quite, but almost). One’s list of links – or “blogroll” as they were referred to in the old days – says something about them. Who we link to is often an indication of who we like or admire. Caution is required here. Links should not be treated as flat-out endorsements, but rather a pointing out of something interesting; an author saying, “take a look at this…what do you think?”.

Linking to Me

I appreciate all links to my site and fully authorize you to link your heart out. I’ll catch you on my referrer logs, and heck, I may even link back.