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Do you know the story behind this picture?

I’m searching for it. So far I only know the name of the photographer, Mary Fallis. Mary was a naturalist, mountain hiker, environmental activist and committed teacher who lived most of her life in Prince George, BC, but loved northern travel. Before she died in 1999, she left her beautiful collection of 6,700 photographs to the Northern BC Archives. She called this image, Children at Circle Marker. If you know more about Mary’s encounter with these northern kids, I’d love to hear from you.

Photo used with permission, Northern BC Archives & Special Collections, Geoffrey R. Weller Library, UNBC. Accession # 2000.11.2 Photographer: Mary Fallis.

In my work, I am hunting through different public archives and private photo collections for interesting stories about named children in the past who lived in the Northwest Territories and Yukon, and in the northern corners of Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

As I travel through the north, I drop by classrooms to talk with kids and their teachers about my detective work; to ask for their help and to write stories with them. I also visit older people to ask them for their memories of childhood in the north.

I’ll be sharing stories and photographs with you on this site – and also collecting them for publication in two new books.

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

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Classroom Visits

To arrange a classroom visit in your community – in person, or online – please send me a short message along with the school’s telephone number, and email address. You can use the contact page or the email form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

A Word to Elders, Parents and Teachers

I respect children, their families and their communities. I publish stories only after I have received the consent of young storytellers and their parents, who have read the story to check for accuracy, and signed a permission form. I respect the oral history protocols of individual First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities, and I consult community leaders and elders about this project before I speak to children.