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Last Updated October 13, 2009

I welcome all feedback and I’d love it if you got in touch with me. As I’m on the road this year, I prefer emails to phone calls and texts. You can use the following form to send me a message. I know these things have a reputation of not working, so just to set your mind at ease, we’ve tested it and this form does work and I do receive all inquiries. I’ll try to reply within the week. So write away!

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Contacting Me

I’m currently traveling in the frozen north (as of October – December 2009) and my access to email is sporadic and unreliable. I will get your query, but it may take me a while to get back to you. Be patient! I’ll return your email as soon as I can.

Contacting my Publisher

You can get in touch with the good folks at Brindle and Glass on their website: