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Last Updated October 13, 2009

Kidmonton: True Stories of River City Kids

Written by Linda Goyette
Juvenille non-fiction · b & w illustrations
0-9732481-7-3 / 978-0-973248-17-3
$9.95 CDN / $6.95 US
5.5 × 8.5 pb, 128 pages
September 2004

Kidmonton: True Stories of River City Kids is a lively illustrated book for young readers that relates the city’s history entirely from the point of view of real children who have lived there over time.

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The Story That Brought Me Here

Edited by Linda Goyette
6 × 9, 240 pages
September 2008

In this moving collection of stories and poems, writers from around the world share their thoughts on creating a life in Alberta. Expressed with beauty and clarity, and sometimes translated from the writer’s native tongue, these very personal accounts of joy and sadness, regret and humour, homesickness and exuberance, describe the defining moments of a departure and an arrival.

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Rocky Mountain Kids

Written by Linda Goyette
Juvenile non-fiction
5.5 × 7.5 pb, 128 pages
March 2008

With careful research and imagination, author Linda Goyette has created a collection of 25 stories based on the true stories of named children of the past and present.

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Standing Together

Edited by Linda Goyette
1-897142-11-0 / 978-1-897142-11-0
$24.95 C | $19.95 US
6 × 9 pb, 220 pages
October 2005

Standing Together is a powerful expression of women’s collective and individual strength. It is a collection of personal stories from women who have suffered the horrors of violence and abuse and have made the hardest decision: to stand up, to choose life, to take control, to walk away from the darkness.

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Edmonton in Our Own Words

By Linda Goyette and Carolina Jakeway Roemmich
$49.95CDN | $49.95US
8 1/2” x 11”
September 2004

Linda Goyette and Carolina Roemmich have tapped Edmonton’s collective memoir through the written record, the spoken stories, and the vast silences. All of the people who ever lived at this bend in the North Saskatchewan took part in creating the city we know as Edmonton. Citizens with diverse viewpoints speak for themselves, describing important events in Edmonton’s social, political, and economic development. They have plenty to tell us.

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Second Opinion

The Best of Linda Goyette. This collection of my journalism was published by Rowan Books in 1998. The book includes a selection of op-ed essays and editorial page columns that appeared in the Edmonton Journal between 1991 and 1998. If you’d like a copy, please contact me. The book is also available through Alberta’s public libraries.

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